Marek Zaremba - President of the Association


Born in 1957 in Stalowa Wola. Head of the folklore groups section of the Municipal Cultural Center in Stalowa Wola, choreographer and director of the Song and Dance Ensembles "Lasowiacy" and "Mali Lasowiacy", president of the Association of Sympathizers of ZPiT "Lasowiacy". A graduate of the "Lasowiaks", for several years he was a distinguishing dancer of the Central Artistic Group of the Polish Army in Warsaw, then returned to his home institution and assumed the position of first assistant choreographer and then choreographer.


He collaborates with other cultural institutions in the vicinity of Stalowa Wola, becoming the greatest local authority in the field of folklore in recent years. In addition, he is the originator of two folklore festivals organized by MDK: the National Meetings of Children's Folk Groups "Lasowiaczek" and the National Festival of Song and Dance Ensembles. M. Kosinski.


For his achievements in his professional work and achievements in the field of culture, he was honored, among others, by


  • Entry in the book "Meritorious for the City of Stalowa Wola" - 2001.
  • Silver Cross of Merit of the President of the Republic of Poland - 2003
  • Brązowy Medal “Zasłużony Kulturze Gloria Artis” – 2016r.
  • Medal of the Minister of Culture and Art "Meritorious for Polish Culture" - 2007
  • Badge of the Minister of Culture and Art "Meritorious Culture Activist" - 1997
  • Pine Branchlet - Award of the City of Stalowa Wola - 2014
  • Award of the Board of the Podkarpackie Province for outstanding achievements in the field of culture - 2002, 2007, 2016.
  • Award of the Starost of Stalowa Wola for special achievements in the field of culture - 2006, 2013.
  • "Grand Prix de Public" at the World Folk Festival "Wine Festival" - France 2004.
  • Medal - European Center for the Promotion of Regional and National Culture 'Matecznik Mazowsze' - 2007
  • Diploma of the American Polish Diaspora for the promotion of Polish Culture among the Polish diaspora
  • "Golden Couple" - Chapters of the Song and Dance Ensemble "Lublin"
  • "Golden Badge" for community work at ZDK HSW
  • Special Award of the Board of the County Office of Stalowa Wola for Outstanding Achievements in the Field of Culture and Protection of National Heritage - 2017
  • "Nasz Czas" Weekly Award: Man of the Year 2016
  • Award of the Marshal of the Podkarpackie Province "Znak Kultury" 2021 for the overall activity in the field of art
  • "Golden heart" of the Mayor of Stalowa Wola 2022
  • Medal of the 50th anniversary of the Polish Section of C.I.O.F.F. - Warsaw 2022




Mieczysław Paruch – Band manager


Bartosz Kanach – Tutor for ballet groups


Wiesława Matosz




Zdzisław Pająk – Vice-president of the Association


Monika Patron – Secretary




Andrzej Kocój – Head of the commission

Krystyna Chodara – Vice-chairman

Barbara Brymora – Secretary



Wiesława Matosz

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