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Patron of the Song and Dance Ensemble "Lasowiacy" Ignacy Wachowiak

An excellent dancer, choreographer, organizer and animator of culture. He was the successor of the legendary Wanda Kaniorowa (to whom he was a student and a pupil) as the director and artistic manager of the Song and Dance Ensemble of the Lublin Region. In the years 1964-1976 the main choreographer of ZPiT "Lasowiacy". Since 2000 - the Patron of the Team. An outstanding artist, great organizer, educator and teacher, an extraordinary personality, one of the greatest experts in Polish folklore. He brought the ensemble to the heights of artistic craftsmanship and left its mark on it to this day. During his time, "Lasowiacy" expanded their repertoire, conducted very intense concert activity in the country and abroad, achieving great success. The choreographic arrangements created by him still remain in the repertoire of the ensemble,
and the pupils shape his artistic face.

Founders of the Song and Dance Ensemble "Lasowiacy"

Lesław Rzucidło the founder - together with M. Pysznik - of the Dance Ensemble (1952-53), which became the nucleus of ZPiT "Lasowiacy" and its first choreographer.

Marian Pysznik. Together with the choreographer Lesław Rzucidło, he founded the Dance Ensemble of which he was the first accompanist. Already in 1954, the ensemble won an award at the Provincial Review of Dance Ensembles in Rzeszów. This and subsequent successes became a magnet attracting talented young people to the ensemble, which made it possible to establish the "Lasowiacy" Song and Dance Ensemble in 1956.
M. Pysznik participated in the preparation of all the shows with which "Lasowiacy" became famous in the first years of their existence: "Krakowiaks" and "Highlanders", "The whole village danced", "Kupała of Lublin", "Wesela w Ojców" and "Walpurgis Night". He was not only a tutor and accompanist, but also the creator of musical adaptations and arrangements. Many of them remain in the band's repertoire to this day.

Founder of the Song and Dance Ensemble "Mali Lasowiacy"

Alina Wawrzyniak-Wołczko. A graduate of the Lodz ZPiT "Harnam", since the 1960s a dancer, assistant choreographer at ZPiT "Lasowiacy". On her initiative, in 1966 the children's ZPiT "Mali Lasowiacy" was established. From the very beginning, he has been conducting a rich concert activity, making many artistic trips and being successful at national and international competitions and festivals. From 1983, she lived in France, from where she regularly traveled to Canada and the USA to prepare ensembles led by her pupils for subsequent Polish Bands Festivals. On July 27, 2011 she left us forever, the funeral took place in France.

Choreographer of ZPiT "Lasowiacy" in the 70's.

Antoni Wołczko. The group's choreographer in the 1970s, an excellent expert in folklore, educator and teacher. Perfectionist, paying great attention to detail, both in recreating folk dances and costumes. He wanted the pieces performed by "Lasowiaks" to be stylized, but as faithful to the original as possible. He was a co-creator of the greatest successes of "Lasowiaks" in the period of the greatest prosperity of their activities - frequent trips abroad, intense concert life, festival laurels. He has been awarded many times for his work. Since 2001 he has been living in France, where he leads Polish folklore groups.

Alojzy Szopa. The establishment and almost half a century of activity of the Song and Dance Ensemble "Lasowiacy" is inextricably linked with the artistic career of Professor Alojzy Szopa.
From an early age associated with the amateur atist movement, in 1947. He started his professional career as a conductor of the Mixed Choir in his hometown Ruda Śląska, then he joined the Song and Dance Ensemble of the Warsaw Military District, where he was a singer, instrumentalist and assistant to the band manager.
In 1954 he started working at the Zakładowy Dom Kultury Huta Stalowa Wola. Among other things, on his initiative, supported by his remarkable vocal and instrumental talent, the idea of ​​establishing the Pięsni i Dańca band was born in a group of enthusiasts like him. He began his career as a music instructor who led stage groups, then conducted the choir and the band "Lasowiaków", and finally served as artistic director for many years.
After retiring, he did not break contacts with the band. He worked as a tutor for ballet groups and conducted classes with former members of the choir who wanted to cultivate beautiful traditions of Polish folklore and… old acquaintances. Even now, despite the fact that he lives permanently in Krakow, he uses every opportunity to maintain ties with his pupils and new generations of "Lasowiaks".
For his professional work and achievements in the field of artistic activity, he has been repeatedly awarded with state decorations and recognition of regional authorities.

Artistic director, music instructor, tutor of ballet groups

Józef Worek Żmuda. Actor and director. In the history of Stalowa Wola culture, he is known mainly as the founder of the Dramatic Theater (bearing his name today). He is closely related as the artistic manager of the Zakłądowy House of Culture
with "Lasowiaki" and influencing the artistic shape of their undertakings. He was the initiator and director of great performances that took place on the stage of the ZDK and in the open air with the participation of, among others "Lasowiaków". He directed their concerts, working closely with choreographers and musicians, he shaped the face of the ensemble.

Actor and director

Patron and founders


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