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The Song and Dance Ensemble "Lasowiacy" was established in the Factory House of Culture in Stalowa Wola in 1956 from the already existing independent artistic groups: vocal, dance and instrumental. The members of the dance group came from a folk dance group founded and led by Lesław Rzucidło, and Marian Pysznik was responsible for the accompaniment. The vocal group consisted of choristers from a mixed choir conducted by Marian Bienias. The musicians of the instrumental group were members of the Company Brass Band. The joint performance took place during the May 1st academy on April 30, 1956 in the Zakładowy Dom Kultury, where the mazurka from the "Straszny Dwór" for 12 pairs was performed, and the group was joined by the premiere performance of the Song and Dance Ensemble "Lasowiacy" for the audience.


The name of the "Lasowiacy" group is associated with a little-known ethnographic region inhabited by forest peasants, called from the word forest - "Lasowiaks", covering the areas of the former Sandomierz Forest.


The main goal of the group is to save from oblivion the folk songs and dances of the region of Lasowiac, creating an artistic arrangement of the Lasowiacka and Grębowa suites, which allow the beautiful songs and dances to be preserved for contemporary folklore lovers.


Over the years, the repertoire of the ensemble also includes songs and dances from other regions: Podhale, Krakow, Lubelskie, Śląskie, Mazowsze, Łowicki, Sądecki, and Sandomierski. Musical arrangements and choreographies were made by Marian Bienias, Tadeusz Chachaj, Alojzy Szopa, Mieczysław Krzyński, Janusz Mejza, Błażej Rosołowski, Jerzy Dynia, Marek Zaremba, Antoni Wołczko, Wiesława Hazuka, Alicja Haszczak.


The program of the group includes many thematic items, contemporary in content and form, which link the ancient times with the present with music, song and dance, the past with the new life and customs that brought modern industry to the heart of the Sandomierz Forest.

There is not much left of the former Sandomierz Forest, but the noise of its trees has remained and has been preserved in Lasowiacy dances and songs performed by the Song and Dance Ensemble "Lasowiacy" in concert halls in many cities in the country, on the stages of villages, housing estates, and far beyond the borders of the country.


From February 19, 2002, the ensemble took the name of Ignacy Wachowiak - a well-known choreographer and co-organizer of folklore groups, as well as a longtime choreographer of the group "Lasowiacy". Since 1981, Marek Zaremba has been the artistic director, choreographer and director of the ensemble. The manager of the band is Mieczysław Paruch, the tutor of the ballet groups is Ryszard Marchewka.


In 2000, on the initiative of Marek Zaremba, the artistic director, a pupil of Ignacy Wachowiak, the Association of Sympathizers of the Song and Dance Ensemble "Lasowiacy" was established under the patronage of Ignacy Wachowiak, an outstanding and world-famous choreographer of the "Lasowiacy" ensemble. In 2004, the Association obtained the status of a Public Benefit Organization, the aim of which is to support ZPiT "Lasowiacy" and "Mali Lasowiacy" operating at the Municipal Cultural Center in Stalowa Wola. The co-founders and members of the Association are former members of the Ensemble, longtime dancers, choristers and musicians.


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