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Little Lasowiacy

Song and Dance Ensemble Mali LASOWIACY im. Ignacy Wachowiak in Stalowa Wola.


The Song and Dance Ensemble "Mali Lasowiacy" was established in 1966 from existing children's dance groups operating at the Company Cultural Center in Stalowa Wola. Young dancers aged 6 to 14 ensure the generational continuity of the "Lasowiacy" Song and Dance Ensemble.

The Song and Dance Ensemble "Mali Lasowiacy" received the following awards:


  • at the National Festival of Trade Unions in 1972.
  • from the Central Council of Trade Unions on the Cultural Activist Day 1978.
  • at the Interprovincial Review of Children's Folk Dance Ensembles "Dancing Circle"
  • Przemyśl 1998
  • 1st place at the 6th Inter-Voivodeship Dance Forms Review "Debiuty 2005" in Rzeszów


In addition, the team took part in:


  • "Colors of Friendship" Children's Festivities - Zielona Góra 1977
  • National Song and Dance Competition - Zamość 1984
  • Nationwide Meetings of Children's Folk Groups "Lasowiaczek" held every year.



"Little Lasowiacy" for 35 years of their artistic activity made themselves known not only in the country, but also abroad in: Czechoslovakia, the USSR, Hungary, France, Slovakia and Sweden.


In the years 1997-2020, the "Little Lasowiacy" group was led by Mr. Marek Zaremba.


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Little Lasowiacy



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